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    Looking for volunteer Artists!

    Hello, I am working on a productivity game! The few productivity games out there punish you for not completing a task. This can be stressful and discouraging since life punishes you enough for the same thing. Chore Pets utilizes positive reinforcement to motivate and help with prioritizing your tasks and goals.

    Currently I have the game planned out and some pet designs and some drawn out, but I need help. Unfortunately I do not have a steady income yet so have to request volunteers. However, I promise to keep in touch with you and when profit is made from the game I will be more than happy to split it.

    Right now I am looking for an artist to help with designing and possibly drawing the creatures, items, and character outfits. I have the base for the human avatar drawn out and shaded and am willing to help draw the items and creatures. I am mostly stuck when it comes to planning out species.

    I will be looking for people to help with the coding once we get enough notice and images for the site and app, as well as some other jobs. If you are willing to help or join the team please let me know!

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    I can help/do art if you want.



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