Hello there.
My name is Timothy, stylised as 7imothyC [C. standing for the last name and '7' replacing the 'T' cause TimothyC was already taken on a different website].
I'm a young reptile artist, meaning i like to draw [cartoon] reptiles and occasionally other vertebrate species. You all know how hard drawing humans is...
Got into drawing well... it's been so long it's really hard to tell.

I favour content over execution, though poor execution, aka 'not giving your best' is not encouraged.
I also critique, but only literature. I find it easier to talk about something that's written rather than feeling bad about reviewing art that is much better than mine.

I usually perform the Reptile Critic comment, exemplified in the following post on a similar website, DeviantART:
I mean no harm, it's all good fun.

Really hope i've hit the 140 character count by now so i may proceed to update my avatar.

Have a good day, people.