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    Hello there

    I'm really not sure how to start this. I'm new here, as I'm sure you can tell, why would I be posting on this form otherwise? I came to Weasyl in search for an alternative site to deviantart, and so far have been impressed with what this site can do.

    I suppose I should start saying things about my here we go.
    -My grammar and spell are both garbage, so I'm sorry for that. I'm trying to get better.
    -I enjoy horror and gore.
    -Despite this fact I'm not a fan of current horror.
    -I enjoy most horror movies released during the 90s and before, and the rare current horror movie that mirrors them.
    -I also like surreal horror.
    -I actually like clowns, jesters, and mimes.
    -I enjoy drawing and wish to pursue it as a profession, but as of yet I'm fairly mediocre at it.
    -As far as the art profession I'm after, I'd like to be an art teacher.
    -I like mythology, folk tales, mother goose fables, Brothers Grimm, etc.
    -I write a comic. (
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