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    New here


    I'm new to this forum and I hope that I can get help/collaboration and other stuff like that.

    I'm a writer and I have only one story that is finish, but it need work ^^

    Let see I'm on other forum and waiting for approval for one (need to contact them)

    I'm also on FA and DA but not on So Furry. I just don't agree with the copyright rules. Well I wont start arguing about that here.

    I don't draw, I take pictures time to time but right now my "main" computer is dead in a way. The mother board is defective, wont display and no audio signals at all. I'm using a backup a old Intel Celeron D, can't put game(s) since its a Celeron. (never understand why Intel build those computer?) Next week I will get a use computer that is similar to what I use before.

    This dinosaure is noisy and slow to do anything, even open office or a .doc.

    I'm not gay and I'm just not looking for a relation. Friends are ok ^^

    For my story, its a fantasy and its rated G for everyone

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    Hello and welcome!

    What is your story about?

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    The finish one is about a boy around 12 who discover a cristal ball (that might change) and find himself in the body of a antho fox who was just been lobotomise in another world.

    the other one I'm working on is about two alien furry kids who got stuck on Earth and have no way back, but the humans in the villager are afraid of them and trying to have a normal life.



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