I am in the process of having a fursuit made, and thus have been looking more and more into how I want to perform/forming my sonas personality.
I need some tips as to how I can really bring her personality out. I am also open to any unique ideas that can be brought to the table! I am particularily interested in a unique way to use my voice, or any sound effect that is not a squeaker. (Those seem to infuriate most people).

That being said, I will fill you guys in with a little info about my sona:
Goldberry is a sweet, light-hearted siamese cat with a bit of a flirtatious side. She loves being around others, but can be a bit more subtle in her character. Like most felines, she is incredibly perceptive of her surroundings and the intentions of others, so she can be a bit scrutinizing at times, often getting caught up in thought. She tends to be witty yet sensitive when it comes to conversation.
This is as far as I have developed her personality for now, and im sure more traits may come out that I have not even thought of once I receive my suit.

As for performing, I have been tossing around some ideas. For her walk I plan on almost using a "cat-walk/supermodel" walk style to capture the highly femenine element to her character, but this is as far as I have gotten with performing.

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say/your ideas!