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    [$60 Budget] Seeking artist for Character Creation.

    Evening there.

    I am currently seeking an artist who can help with the creation of a brand new character. Yes, this means the dreaded working with a text reference. However, I will be able to provide some reference pictures for some details. I'm looking to spend around sixty dollars at maximum. However, If I like your art-style I might just go over that limit depending on what we decide upon. As much as I would like a reference sheet for her, I know that is asking a bit much for the current price range. Therefor, I'm fine with a single, full body, and colored pose that is SFW. If you are interested in doing the reference sheet, I would be looking two bodies. One clothed, One naked.

    The concept of the character is a female feline who is to be the translator of my main character Skarphedinn. She is to be the polar opposite of him. Short, lithe and elegant. While her species is not set, I was thinking something more Siamese inspired. But it is completely opened to interpenetration.

    • Be able to draw leather armor. Plenty of buckles, and emphasis on the boots.
    • Able to do long and complex hair, something that will be Asian inspired.
    • Able to draw Plantigrade Anthros.
    • Semi-realistic art-style.
    • Good with designing characters and communicating. IE, being able to use something a little more than just notes. Skype, Steam, Discord, etc, etc.

    Essentially? I'm looking for an artist to help draw AND design this character. If you're up for the challenge or have a question, please leave a message here in the thread, or message me on the forums or on my weasyl account.

    As a note, I am not looking for any Cartoon/Anime/Chibi styled art.

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    I am interested. You can view examples of my work here:
    I can make you a full-body digital painting of your character for $60 USD.
    Or I could make you a cell-shaded reference sheet (like this: ) with two full-body views for $50 USD. Another option is that I make you a digitally painted reference sheet (like this: ) with two full-body views for $70 USD.
    Please let me know what you would like.
    You can note me on Weasyl or e-mail me at sushychan(at) about commissions.

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    Whats a gender
    Hey i'm just your dude I can do one like this for 55 usd Created with friend via text and a few images of what he was looking for

    If you're interested send me a message or a note on weasyl, and ive got a discord too that'll be easier!

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    I’m interested; take a look at my logo portfolio for reference at:

    Mail me at so we can talk about details, Thanks.

    Looking forward to work whit you.

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    I f you're still looking, I'm available =]

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    I am currently open for Celshaded Icons, Quick Character Sketches, Monochrome Sketches, Celshaded Characters, Softshaded Characters, Reference Sheets, and Comic Pages!

    There is also some Discounts/Offers in effect for Monochrome Sketches, Softshaded Characters, Reference Sheets, and Comic Pages!

    Be sure to check out the prices here!: Commissions

    Also look at all my work to see more of my style!: MyFantasiWorld on DeviantArt

    Deadline To Submit Forms Is June 5, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

    Due to the trip I'm taking this week, I will not be able to work on any commissions or respond to any forms until after I get back. So go ahead and leave your forms and take the time to send any information you need for your commission.

    Thank you and I hope to see what you send me!
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