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    Hello~ I'm new here! ^^

    Hello~ Nice to meet you!
    You can call me Fireytika or firey. I just found this web recently~
    I love drawing, especially drawing my OC. I do digital drawing and traditional. Not long ago, i'm addicted to ink drawing, so most of my gallery is black and white XD
    I have two ongoing project, one of them is remake my comic. How about you, do you have an ongoing project? Or maybe just share about your hobby?
    Do you like anime? Or maybe cartoon? Fullmetal Alchemist will be always my fav anime. I still got more fav anime, but the list will too long XD

    I'm from deviantart, If you interested on seeing my arts, my account is fireytika.
    I'm still new here, so it will take time to slowly submit arts into my main account.
    Hope we can befriend! If you have any tips about this site, it will be very appreciated. I still unfamiliar with weasyl, and unsure how to share art in here.

    Thanks for reading, have a great day! ^^
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