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    I guess I'm supposed to write "Hello" here


    I'm a still young (for now ) artist and writer from Lithuania which is, by the way, NOT a part of Russia.
    I'm currently a university student, studying Japanese language as my main subject and Italian as an extra. Hoping to make a living from translating mangas soon!

    My hobbies? Hmm, besides anime, manga, and vocaloids (I just can't stop loving MASA's songs, but he isn't the only producer that I adore), I also like taking trips in nature (Alone. Being on your own in the middle of a forest is an awesome feeling), rollerblading, ice skating, biking, mythologies and petting cats. The last one is my favorite.

    Let's not forget that in my hobbies' list drawing and writing appear, too.

    I do both traditional and digital art, currently working on a fantasy comic. *dances around* Working on a novel at the same time. The more I work, the more motivated I feel!

    What I came here for? For interesting discussions that art triggers? So come at me! LET'S TALK!

    Wow, that was longer than I thought.

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    Hellooo~ Nice to meet you! I'm new here, too! XD
    What's your fav anime?
    Woow working at novel and comic at the same time? That's crazy~ How did you manage with your time? XD

    Are you from dA, too? I think i saw your icon somewhere on the forum :3



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