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    Greetings, DA outcast here

    Hello everyone! Deviantart was a huge part of my life for about 8 years but unfortunately a heavy, merciless ban-hammer fell on my head there, and now I have to seek other places to go. Places as nicely organised and art focused, but less punishing for artistic freedom (I like drawing smut. Yeah...)

    I love fantasy and comics. Currently I'm working on a large project called “Monstroniverse adventures” that takes place in a universe of my own with high fantasy setting. Adventures, conspiracies, mysteries, sex, blood - all the good stuff. Currently I'm doing pretty well on Comicfury, but I really wish to reach wider audience.
    This site was recommended to me by a fellow user of Comicfury, and after taking closer look, I like what I see. But before throwing the anchor, I wish to ask a couple of questions.

    1. I notice there are tons of furry art. Is it just a coincidence or is the site focused on furry only? Asking this because it's not my thing at all, and while being perfectly ok with it, I wonder if there is audience who would be interested in no furry content?

    2. How far can I go in terms of NSFW, and what kind of measures I need to take to be safe from consequences? Talking about explicit sex (adults only ofc) and violence here.
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    Hi, nice to meet you!

    I'm also new to this site... and also from dA. XD Wow, how explicit must the smut be to get a ban? I thought I've seen all kinds of things on that site...
    I myself created myself an account there as a backup in case dA crashes down. After recent events, it's very likely to happen. At least such rumors are spreading.

    As far as I've noticed, there is some non-furry art, too. I myself have more non-furries than furries.

    What is more, I noticed that this forum is far from dA forum's activity - almost nothing is happening here.

    I'm not sure what level of NSFW this site takes... I guess it should be pointed out somewhere in their rules. Maybe.

    So, how many pages does your comic already have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obelis View Post
    Hi, nice to meet you!

    I'm also new to this site... and also from dA. XD Wow, how explicit must the smut be to get a ban?

    So, how many pages does your comic already have?
    Well... it was a 69 image of 2 ladies, one almost licking others good part. The thing is that DA has very fishy rules that say that penetration and body fluids are the No for sure, but also they can name anything porn if they think it is. So they made such rules that they can abuse any way they want. It was not my first ban tho, I had similiar accidents before, and I thought this one would be no different - either the work removed or at worst a 2 month ban. This time they went too far :/

    And on second question - I am pretty far already. I got 1 complete comic about 40 pages which is a prequel, a small series of monster guides (no story there, just juicy details of monsters doing things to their victims) and the active comic that has 1 chater with 20 pages and 2nd chapter which is right now on page 109. This 2nd chapter is my main focus right now, and it might go for 200+ more pages over the years.

    If you want I can give you my CF profile link, but beware - all possible flags are active ^^ (I'm sure it's a useless warning, considering where we are, but still)

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    Gimme that link! It's almost impossible for me to be traumatized, anyway. XD

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    I'm late to reply, but welcome to Weasyl! DeviantART banned you for porn? It's surprising that the mods are actually doing their jobs; it's written in their rules that porn isn't allowed but like most of their rules, it's loosely enforced. I came here from dA as well; I got fed up with the art theft that they refuse to do anything about, and have even done some of themselves. There have been multiple cases of artists having their work sold as shirts and other merchandise at Hot Topic, and it says in dA's rules that they are allowed to do that.

    As for the questions you have, I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

    1. The site was intended for the furry community, but it's evolved beyond just furry artwork. If you're not a furry artist, there is still a niche here.

    2. I can't see adult content yet, but from looking at some of the threads on the forums you can tell the general attitude of nsfw content here; you can post it since there is a maturity rating specifically for it but make sure you tag it appropriately, especially if the work depicts "exotic" fetishes. I say exotic referring to things like: vore, diapers, macro/micro, fat, and other fetishes along those lines. I've noticed on the forums, there tends to be at least tolerance for those fetishes, but other users and myself included have expressed distaste having that kind of content here. I don't know the general opinion of the mainsite since I can't see porn, but I can't imagine it deviates much from the opinion of the forums.
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