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    ??? (he/they)


    Totally new to weasyl and it's forums, but I'm hoping to join the community and make art everyone will enjoy!!!

    Anyways, My name is Allen, I'm 18 years old, gender is a biig question but I use he or they pronouns! i'm mentally ill, with major depression and anxiety and psychosis and a mess of things but i'm cool I swear haha.,,

    I mostly draw ocs and have multiple stories going with my sister, who sadly doesn't use social media much so I can't link to her on anything haha;; umm I'm not sure what else to put down I'm so bad at talking about myself...

    I like pink, cute things, drawing, video games, anime/manga, baseball, furries/anthro, ocs... I don't like bigots, passive aggressiveness, people that are mean for no reason??, hot weather, spicy food and tons more

    Soo.... yea! I'm a friendly guy, I think! Feel free to hmu anytime I'll try my best to not be a socially anxious and awkward mess haha!

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    Hello! I'm also new here!

    What are your and your sister's stories about?

    I also like anime and manga. Do you have your favorites?



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