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Thread: hello my dudes

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    hello my dudes

    My name is Ige and I am a teen artist from Washington. My style is more, out there, but I do appreciate my work's individuality. In terms of hobbies, I do basic code, pace, and play video games. Otherwise, I soon am going to be a high school graduate and I intend to study at Evergreen State College, where I can focus on my artistic talent, while being able to get a solid 4 year degree under my belt.

    I don't know if that is too much, but it's something.

    Also! I suck at talking to people and I'm hella shy. So if you would like to be friends, that would be wonderful to me! I don't really have friends anymore, so company would be wonderful.

    Otherwise, I'm glad to be here.

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    Hello! ^^

    I myself am also new to Weasyl (but not to art sites in general). What usually are your drawings about? Maybe you're telling a story through your art?



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