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    Hello friends, I am new here possibly permanently switching over from FA if I like it her enough. I am currently a digital artist and fursuit head maker. I am very much still getting used to this site, so I do not know all the ins and outs.

    My sona is a colorful siamese named goldberry.I would say she flirtatious and playful in her nature, and at moments even a bit shy. Her fur is a lovely bright yellow, complimented by bright pink points with a head of sunset-purple hair. Her colors remind me a bit of a tropical-sunset in itself. Her name comes from an elven maid in the LOTR series (which I am a big fan of). I currently reside in Wisconsin, and I am always on the lookout for other WI furs. I hope to have art of her up very soon, but you can get a peek at her via my icon. I would love to meet more furs on the site and make some friends!
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