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    Good Evening, Weasyls...

    ... and welcome to my "I hate myself so I can't stand making a thread about myself but I have to so here it is" thread.
    ^ trying to work on my self image, so I'll think of this as "experience".

    Please feel free to call me "Hal" or "Glitter Bitch" (that's allowed, if I ask for it, right? #reallynotsure ) though one of my friends frequently calls me "GB" for short, lmao. Also called "Scin", "S-H" (though I suppose that's "S_H" in these forums XD), or "Scint." I don't care what I'm called really, as long as I'm called for dinner B|

    ^ now you see how you're all going to suffer... bad puns. >XD mwahahahaahahahaa!!!!!

    (did I hit 140 characters? Cuz I can talk a BLUE STREAK about Deathstroke, baby ^_^ )

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    Hey! nice to meet u GB! I'm PTG or u can come up with somethin else.

    I checked out ur art! I see u like super heroes, how do u feel about young justice?

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    Hi, PTG! Sorry for my late reply ^^; the library was closed for a few days due to the holidays and being closed on Sundays for the summer.

    Thanks for the compliments (though my selfish angst disagrees >_>' ), and I like what YJ can do for my imagination, but it's a clusterfuck* of unprofessional flaws that even hinder most of the actors from delivering their best. I have to acknowledge the show's plot without paying attention to the flaws, which is not easy. But I love the outfits (I don't love how they damage the story--I just like how they look ) and when I headcanon things, IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!! <3

    If I may ask, why did you want to know about YJ? I'm not adverse to talking about it, but it was an odd first question, unless it's a big deal to you, which I'd love to hear about.

    * seeeeriously not sure if cussing is allowed on this site, so I'm going to be doing it til someone of status corrects me, which I'm all game for. No, I won't like it, but rules are rules.



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