(I have to do that or I can't edit my page furry fellows :B)
Hello, the name's Wacha and I've been in the furry Fandom for some years now. I turned 18 not so long ago, so I guess I'm kinda young ??? I really like art and I want to become an animator in the future, In a year, I'll join an art animation school and then the real life will begin ! But for now, I'm stuck in highschool, smoking weed everyday, UH, I meant, studying hard for my finals. :T
I really like to draw, for me, for others, I don't mind. I wanna become polyvalent enough to express whatever I want to express through art. I wouldn't say I'm an attention whore, but I really like it when it comes to feedback, and I like having people telling me what they think about my art.

I don't really have lots of contacts in the furry fandom, even though I've been there for years;-i don't really know why tbh- but I really don't mind having a talk with peoples, about art, life, or whatsoever. You may have notices that my english can be bad sometimes, it's because I'm french ugh

But, let's talk about art some more ! I really like rodents, and most often I'll draw my anthro characters chubby.. but I also draw humans, and I'm trying to practice everything I can
I make free request on the Fanart section of the Transformice game forum too, it's kind of killing the boredom smh

I'm thinking about opening commissions someday, but I don't know if it would work for me, idk

If I got your interest in some way, do not hesitate to check my Weasyl account ! <3