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    Wooooo Forum Time!!!

    Hey all! Wow, lots of refugees from FA. Welcome, I guess!

    So I haven't been on the forum until now mostly for the same reason I've been inactive online in general: I'm a student! In my last year or so of undergrad. Until now I guess I haven't been terribly interested in talking online but lately I'm trying to reach out more to people. An twitter is only so good sometimes, especially for extended conversation.

    I love forums, and I miss forums terribly, but I came from a super small one originally so getting used to a large community is gonna be hard. I hope that with people coming in from FA, there will be more virtual campfires we'll all be chatting around. This time with coding development and without terrible adds!

    My name is Lychee and I've been in the fandom since middle school, my origin story involves reading some super excellent TF on the computer in the library, googling up strange things under "mad cow disease," and reading Redwall imagining I was a cool warrior creature. I've been drawing since childhood and continuing my work through high school and college. Earlier I have had several commissioners for my work, but I've ended up focusing more on school and stopped taking nearly any in order to focus on school, which often involves art. I illustrate, draw, ink, craft, digital render, carve, print, paint models and a bunch of other things. Right now though: mostly school.

    Bbbbuuuuuut this will all be changing this summer and next year. Next year, I'll be animating projects for the entire school year, and this summer my best friend is graduating, expanding their own comic and illustration enterprises. Excitinggg! So yeah, that's what up. I'm hoping to chat about art, music, media, DIY, all sorts of things!

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    Hey, welcome to Weasyl!

    On the topic of forums, that's actually how it was for me too! I was part of a Monster Hunter forum years ago, but then that died out, and it wasn't until two years ago that I decided to join Weasyl. It turned out Weasyl was a pretty good way to be introduced to the furry fandom slowly, so that worked out. ^^;

    But yeah! There's a good amount of art topics around here, and definitely the Sketchbook section if you haven't had the chance to check it out yet. That way you have a place for your sketchs and stuff, and you can check out other people's works too and comment on them!
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