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    Yo guys and gurls of weasyl

    The name is serah and I'm one very cool cat.
    I'm only here due to the fact that the weight of FA's recent problems will, and probably already has, bring about a mass exodus of fury proportions.

    I'm not an artist by any definition of the word, so all art in my gallery wasn't done by me. Before you start the process of nuking my account, please note that I give the artist/artists/generally awesome people who I have commissioned their rightfully earned credit.

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    As far as I can tell artwork that you commissioned is allowed to be uploaded into your gallery (assuming proper credit was given, of course) but I'm no leading expert on the matter. So far this site seems mostly stable. No incidents of admins leaking peoples emails due to lazy coding, at least.

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    Yo! The whole Collection process is just for you! Your gallery can be full of collected work made by others of your characters or commissioned pieces. Pretty slick!



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