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    Animation commissions - where the heck does one start

    So hey guys I'm thinking about animation commissions haha. I'm an animation student and I'm pretty okay at what I do, so I figured it wouldn't be out of the question to offer.

    The question is uh, is it something anybody would even considering purchasing in your guys' opinion? The bit about animation is that you're not just drawing one image, you're drawing at minimum 12 drawings per second. You can imagine it gets expensive. I was thinking something like a run or walk cycle would be nice and affordable, but I dunno. I figure a finished run cycle, cleaned up and colored, could run anywhere from $70- $100 at my current rate.

    Opinions are super helpful. I don't see a lot of people even offering animation and I'm not sure whether it's because people just don't want to animate or whether it's because people don't want to pay for animation. If anybody has experience with animation commissions, both as a buyer and seller, I'd LOVE TO HEAR because I'm very new to all this haha.

    (also no idea if this is in the wrong forum category lol. Feel free to move it if it is)
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    I've seen more people doing minor animations like simple loops for icons or pixel art. You're probably going to find more stuff like that than outright animation work. There's also all those janky looking animations made from still images that one guy does... :x

    I'd say just advertise everywhere you can and push out work to show what you can do.

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    I've seen lots of people do animated commissions, and I think there is definitely a market for them.
    As mentioned above, because animation is not always readily viewable you might have more luck with animated icons or banners. But I do think in that way you could still successfully peddle your craft~
    Animated Banners for instance, might be pretty amazing if someone got their character running across their page. And that way they are in a sense, readily available via one's page.

    Animation is a lot of work, so I suppose what you'd wanna do in the beginning is do some samples of what you can do so people get an idea of what you're offering. (run cycle, banner, icon, etc.) And time yourself when you do it, for all that work you should be paid fairly!

    Hope that helps and good luck <3

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I was thinking also maybe a YCH situation wouldn't be a bad idea for animation. That way somebody can see what they're getting before they get it and I can tie down a price. I'll definitley see what I can do about animated icons and banners!

    Aaaa so many things to consider so little timeeee
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    I do 2.5d which is a whole different mess, but generally when doing commissions you should try charging for your time, including non animated commissions. Approximate how long it takes you to finish a drawing and then charge by the hour, depending on how much you think you're worth/can sell for (if you animate at 12 frames per second and it takes you an hour to draw 12 frames and you consider your worth $15 per hour, then charge $15 and so forth)

    You can always put a ballpark price with "message me for a proper price quote".

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    Animations are supposed to be expensive. It's alright, it's a lot of drawings! My reccomendation is to work on 4's or even 6's to push the art vs life aspect on your work, because the commissioner for furry art usually just wants things to come to life .

    Do you know about the Graphic Artist's Guild? They are one of the cooperative authorities for professional artist, artisans and such out there, and represent animators. The handbook is beautiful and goes over rates, professional procedure, expectations and helpful directions on how to commission and contract work! I highly recommend it, it's honestly worth it for all the information you get from it.

    As an animator, drawing is an exceptionally long process involving lots of multiplicity, so the work put into commissions is indeed worth at or above your prices depending on what you have envisioned in mind.

    EDIT: As regarding to furry in particular, I'm not sure besides personal projects there is much market for animation outside of icons because there is not a regular USE of animated videos, loops or features for furries. If there was a use, we could adress the best way to animate what people want to be seeing.

    In the NSFW markets of course, there are lots of opportunity to do YCH, sketches, doodles, even partially done ones. Little lower standards, little easier to get paid, it's a trade off. Developing skills doing pornography isn't a bad idea if that's what works.
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