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    New to the forum community!

    Hey there! I'm Tikikata, but you can just call me Tiki! I've been a user of Weasyl for a while now, but just decided to register for the forums because it seems like it's a pretty nice community!

    A bit about myself...

    I just turned twenty-six! I've been drawing furries for a long time, but just got active in the furry community about three or four years ago when a good friend of mine decided to bring me along to a furry bowling meet one evening.

    My primary fursona is Ahna Azurehorn, a hyouki (a custom species that is a mix between a snow leoaprd and a kirin). My secondary fursonas are Sytriese Kebechet, an Egyptian-themed serpentine jackal; Bjaco Tempyrfang, a white tiger / tianlong (dragon) hybrid; and Tala Moon, a wolf hainu (winged canine). I also have a huge cast of original characters, but I have so many I don't think it would be appropriate to list them all here, lol!

    I am a graduate with a business associates degree in graphic design ("visual communication technologies"); I love design work; my dream is to be either a graphic designer who works on website design or a concept artist for a gaming company (preferably Bethesda or Nintendo).

    Speaking of Nintendo, I am a huge, huge fan of their characters and games and proudly own a Wii U that I play whenever I get the chance to. Video games are pretty much my biggest inspiration in art!

    Oh, and I very much love owls. They are my favorite animals!

    Thanks for reading! Hope to make some new friends~!

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    Heck yeah, Nintendo! The only true remaining console in my opinion. Everything is just underpowered pre-built pcs. Even their entire libraries of video games are almost entirely on PC. But Nintendo actually focused on making a console instead of "MLG" graphics that were already outdated.

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    Welcome! Excellent to have you!

    Daaang I need a WiiU... I love Nintendo too and grew up with all sorts of their stuff. If I could work for them too I would!



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