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    Hey there, this is Trish.

    I am a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer for hire (freelance artist for hire)!
    I specialize in anatomy, muscle, armor and weapons, dynamic poses and virtually any species you can think up.
    I am 28, currently living in the midwest states, married, and looking to make a career with my skills.
    I am also a bit of a gamer. I have enjoyed years of WoWing, but especially the longest running MMO RPG, Furcadia. I am a proud member of their volunteer art team, and have been committed to the game since I was a wee 13 year old. Besides this, I also play FFXIV, Skyrim, Sims, DAI, Stardew Valley... Mostly games that allow me to build and be creative in some fashion, as that is what I truly enjoy. I've of course also played a motley of other games (Rift, Minecraft, Portal, etc, just to name a few).
    I am completely obsessed with middle-earth, as I watch all six (LOTR+Hobbit) movies probably once a month, and regularly consume shows like Vikings, Big Bang Theory, and the occasional Family Guy episode.

    You can find me on DA, FA, and of course, on Weasyl, under the username Trishields. I've been on Weasyl for a while, but after a name change, I've needed to register on the forums to help promote myself. I hope you come and check out my work and like what you see!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Decided to include some links!

    Premades and Adopts
    All Commissions
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