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    I was thinking about doing a furry and brony club in college

    I was thining about doing a furry club in college the idea stuck into my head. I think they have a furry club at one of the universities.
    I do not know it was a Idea rattling around. It is going to be after Easter and I can not tell you which college.

    I then thought to myself. I only know 1 furry in collage and one brony. I have a few more knocking about in college but those are the only once then I thought why not make it a furry and brony club YEAH!

    Best of both worlds
    I even thought as far as to maybe make a website for them so they know when we are meeting up and all that good stuff. OF course Dailymotion has password videos so only people with passwords can see them mmm maybe that might be good for the future website.
    I have sticky lable stuff I got from The works 1 or 99p I can not remember now.

    SO is this a good idea or a bad one?

    Should I make a wordpress website or shouldn't I?

    Will it be or will it end in?

    Should this be a limited privote website at only other furries can access?

    Where do we meet? infact I have a few ideas but as long as everyone agrees oh. Question mark?

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    Whether it's a good idea or a bad one all depends on how much interest there is for such a club amongst the other students and if you've got the time to spare for clubs while dealing with your course load. If you're able to commit time to this, try to get a dozen people together or whatever minimum the school requires for it to be an official club.
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