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    NSFW - Anthro YCH Commission - CLOSED

    The slots have been taken

    I am selling a YCH picture, involving three anthro characters. Each character costs 30 each.
    It is a NSFW picture, so if you are not ok with this kind of content, please don't click on the link.
    This is the submission on Weasyl: NSFW link

    The final picture will be shaded and with background (the one in this pic is just a rough preview, it will be a living room)

    Blue char: Male, canid
    Pink char: Female, canid
    Green char: Male, feline

    Pic will be started when all 3 characters are taken and payed

    (I've put this "auction" also on FA, so I will use the "first come, first served" method)
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