-I draw anthro and feral animals.
-I accept only Paypal as payment
-If you want to contact me, just send me a PM here, or on my Weasyl profile, or on my DeviantART profile or on my FurAffinity Profile.
-The following prices refer to one character. If you want more characters, the price will change.
-I may consider to do NSFW pictures, after agreement, and the price will change

-Headshot icon - 5
Digitally colored and shaded headshot, with a simple (or transparent if you prefer) background.
Examples: Inter Vivos, Sad Mixer, Happy Mixer

-Sketch - 2
Usually traditional, I can do it in digital if you prefer. Grayscale
Examples: Dalmatian, Still

-Flat coloured drawing - 5
Lineart and colour in digital, transparent or monochrome background. Full body.
Examples: Feral dog, Anthro, Anthro adult and puppy

-Shaded drawing - 10
Lineart, colour and shading in digital, with transparent or monochrome background. Full body.
Examples: Dogs, Steele

-I can do also complete drawings with background or reference sheets. The price is not set because it depends on complexity.
Complete drawing examples: Cat and the lake, Anthro dog