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    Here's a unique opportunity...

    I'll start by saying this - I can't draw crap. I've had a LOT of commishes done in the past, but now, I need something unique.

    For those older artists (ahem), remember those arcades that used to be around? Remember those games that you played that gave out tickets, and you collected the tickets to turn them in for little stuffed animals and pencil toppers?

    Well, the tickets in my home arcade are just about used up, and I need to order more. However, I want to customize what's on them, and figure.. hell, I'll see if anyone here's interested!

    Since the tickets are rather small, and there's printing already on one side, the two images needed would be almost tiny -

    The top one - you know, the side that had the unique numbers, so you couldn't counterfeit these? - is only 1.294" wide by .802" high. The back side is 1.6437" wide by 1.06505" high. Has to be line art, clean, and 1 color. (Black..) Doesn't even have to be fur-related. With that size, not sure, other than a paw or outline, how anything fur-related could even go on it.

    Anyways, if interested, drop me a note and we'll discuss ideas, etc. I'm willing to pay, of course, and even send you a stack of them if you want to show off to people. (No, you will NOT be able to take them to Dave and Busters.. they'll laugh at you for even trying.)

    --Coyote Mike

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    Ha, this sounds really neat. I have no idea what I draw for that, though.
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    Yeah - the subject kinda still escapes me. Obviously, something video/pinball related, maybe with a paw-print, or ... but anyways, that's part of the job.. to work with me and come up with a few ideas.

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    This sounds like a very fun commission. I would love to take part. You can view examples of my work here:

    Please note me or e-mail me at sushychan(at) if you want to work with me.



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