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    Hello, I'm Emperoar, I've been on Weasyl for a little over a year now, but I just started to decide to try out the forums here. I likely won't be participating in much discussion-wise, but I likely will be more active in the art-sales area to try and boost exposure for my commission sales. I have places on tumblr, DA, and FA as well that I post my art, but even then it's a safer bet to try and put myself out onto the forums here as well since my followers tend to be a little quiet.

    Also you can't exactly bump journals and only followers can really see those, so it sort of limits business if you have a small amount of followers.

    That said I tend to be more of a monster/robot artist than a furry artist, but I'll draw furry characters if commissioned. If you look at my gallery you'll see a lot of monstery-characters around.

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    Good luck with advertising :> the more places you are linked to, the better your networking will end up.

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Thanks! The slower pace of this site and the smaller scale feels a little daunting in terms of advertising, which may sound a bit weird, but sometimes a smaller place means that what people are looking for will be a smaller circle of artists as well. However I hope the quality of my work is good enough to draw some customers.

    I tend to think I'm not doing half bad, but there is some really impressive competition out there.



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