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    Looking for Group

    Just curious if there are any play by post etc of pathfinder, shadowrun, whatever variety, not into the sexy Rp's but used to play shadowrun in play by post and moved and left my other Rp group behind.

    Familiar with: Pathfinder, Shadowrun 4th ed, Iron Claw (somewhat), Gurps.

    Hit me up if your looking for people.

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    That's cool. I honestly wish I could say I had time for online Pathfinder. Never played the other two so I'd be even more curious of trying them out. I'm in 3 campaigns at the moment with some friends irl. One Pathfinder, one 3.5, and the other a D20 Pokémon game.... so that takes most of my free time. Hope you find a group and I'd love to sit in at least once to see how it goes!



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