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Thread: Hello and such!

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    Hello and such!

    Hey there Weasyl, I've come here looking for an active community to hopefully push myself to draw more by connecting with other artists. I am a shy person by nature so expect me to lurk more than anything unless I have something I feel important to say but that will change over time.

    At this time I am still learning and hope to be throwing some stuff up for critique as soon as I have something “good” to throw up there, I've been drawing for 10 years but only as a “doodler” so random stuff in the borders of school work etc. but lately I've been pushing myself to improve.

    If someone likes how I draw I may be open for commission work feel free to PM me about anything.

    I wanted to make sure and ask if there was somewhere else that people here also are pretty active on so I could check that out regardless if its art, chat, whatever.

    Thanks and see you around.

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    Welcome to the forums ^^ there are a lot of shy people around so you will be lurking in the shadows with a lot of fellow lurkers. so don't be afraid to pop out of the shadows and talk to people.

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    This is a good place to start. Feel free to show me some of your work, I am currently in the process of looking for some people to commission!~

    It appears that many people are streaming their art on picarto now. You could take a look at that :>

    Hope to see you around!

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