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    I'm Rhino!
    Looking to get involved in a good community and I heard this was a good place.
    I love making digital art and am currently open for commissions.

    I like to create different creatures and am still working on becoming better at what i do.
    I hope to one day make a living off of my art.
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    Bring in the rhinnooooooo!

    Welcome aboard.

    If you are interested:

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    Hi, Rhinorocket!
    Welcome to Weasyl - I joined not long ago myself. It's a little slow around here but it looks like more users are coming around as of late, but in any case it's a pretty cool site so far: a bit more friendly than any other art site I've joined actually. Looking forward to seeing your artwork - in addition to uploading on the main site, you can share your work in the Sketchbook section of the forums too for critiques and comments. See you around!



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