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    A Wild Kitsune Appeared!

    Hello! I'm just sticking my paws in the furry community at large even though I've been interested in it for quite a few years. I met a few friends IRL who are convincing me to join sites like these to meet even MORE new friends (and also maybe finally sell some artwork,)

    I'm Mystari, I'm an 18 year old two-tailed kitsune artist and budding fursuiter who loves the colour purple, my fandoms are Pokémon, Steven Universe, Homestuck, Gravity Falls, and SVTFOE. I do arts and crafts in my spare time, but the only furry-related thing I've made so far and have examples of are my OCs and I also make brushed yarn tails (I love them sooooo much they've got the realistic swing of a leather tail but... not leather and also 100% more customizable) I plan on making other smaller things like handpaws and just ears before tackling a full fursuit and while I am in the "learning" process of these will do commissions for only the price of materials to help me learn.

    I collect Eeveelution and Mewtwo merch and will trade art/tails for spare Eevee/Mewtwo stuff (or other Pokémon stuff I also like but don't specifically collect) you may have lying around. I especially love Espeon so if you have anything Espeon I don't have I'll be jumping at the chance to trade cx

    I'm gonna throw it out on the table now that yes, I am also otherkin, as well as ace and gendervoid (pronouns are TECHNICALLY xe/xim/xir/xirself but I'm still semi-comfy with she/her and they/them pronouns as well) I plan on attending Indy FurCon if anyone else is going ^^

    I don't THINK I left anything out, so, hello! I look forward to meeting new people ^^

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    Welcome to the forum ^.^

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    Welcome! Steven Universe for the win, by the way. :>



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