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    Encouragement Thread

    I am in a really dark state sometimes, and I just want someone to hug or tell me its alright. I got that yesterday without telling anyone from someone I least expected it from. So I just want this thread to be a place where people can either vent, post encouragement to people who need it, or just compliment the person or people in the thread. I'll be giving encouragement to people myself even if no one else joins the thread. So feel free. I'm Psychotic so I can never judge you for also being broken.

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    No matter what anyone says about you, you are beautiful, or handsome. Everyone around you or talking about you is just as broken as you are. Woman, girl, male, or female, its okay to cry every once in a while. at your weakest you find who the strong are for you.

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    To those who need a quick pick me up:
    What do you call a group of guards of samsung stores?

    Guardians of the Galaxy.

    And from a book I wrote long ago:
    "Sometimes you must wait for the flood to subside to take your stand amongst the waters.

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    A while ago, I watched one of Little Kuriboh's We're Still Here videos which he uses to deal with his depression. One of them was titled something along the lines of It's Not Your Fault. He explains that there are going to be times when you feel like how you feel is your fault. It's not. Don't blame yourself for how you feel. Talk to someone about it, but never blame yourself. Don't let anyone blame you for it either. No one ask to feel like this and there's no one to blame. It's not your fault.



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