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    Possible roleplay?


    I will be honest when I post on the forum here that i don't really know if I'm going in the right direction to find myself a story-driven rp partner, but hey, the answer will always be no if I don't ask the question.

    Roleplay has been a passion for a many years now for me, and as I recently quit a large player platform, I'm looking for a new outlet.

    If you might know of a game, fantasy, medieval, modern, ect, then please, let me know.
    If you would like to offer rp yourself, then please let me know if there is a venue that is utilizable. I.E, Skype, email, website, ect. If you would like to offer rp, then shoot me a message and we can pick out a world, game, style, anything and find something enjoyable!

    I am open to all sorts of roleplay types, though I am honest again when I admit to having never done any type of fur-roleplay. Explanations are highly appreciated and I will listen thoroughly!

    Hope someone's got something.


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    ( Hopefully this message will actually send and not send a blank.. ;w; )
    I would love to rp! ^-^ I hardly have any roleplay buddies now so I'm kinda searching for more. :<
    I script roleplay if that's okay. I don't really enjoy paragraph roleplays (even reading them gets a bit boring) and prefer to make up our own story as we go along. It kinda puts me off having a huge backstory that we all have to follow but I don't mind if roleplays take place somewhere like a beach or a city or something as that helps with ideas! :D
    I was just wondering what kind of roleplays you like? I do love funny/comedy roleplays but gore scares me so mmaybe not gore.. >.<;

    I also like to roleplay with more than one oc meaning I could roleplay with two or three characters at the same time so I hope that's okay. :3 I love super long roleplays that last for months lol me and my best friend have a roleplay that is lasting almost a whole year, not kidding! :D And uh.. sorry if I sound picky, I just wanna know what we're both okay with if we ever roleplay.. ^-^;

    Also I'm always on the search for some new friends so we can be pals too if ya like! Just so you know I really don't like restarting or stopping roleplays all the time, I had a friend that kept doing that constantly so I gave up on roleplaying with her. D: Anyways, sorry if I talk too much, I really don't mean to.. I'm just a reeaally lonely person... '^';



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