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    I'll pm you more details later.

    Some pretty basic parts of a TOS and the clauses aren't ordered & finished.
    If you want something simpler, a draft letter of agreement is usually smaller & more flexible, but less detailed.

    -The obligations and responsibilities of the artist & commissioner
    What services are being provided,
    what is expected of the client/commissioner.

    Cost of necessary materials to produce the artwork.
    (Tools, software and hardware should be considered too)
    Number of preliminaries, compositions or sketches.
    The purpose of the artwork, and what it's being used for.

    -Payment terms
    Monthly payments, Hourly rates, flat rates and fees.
    (this all depends on the artist and how they choose to do business,
    flat rates usually work better for individual commissioners imo) [/I]

    -Arrangement of fees
    Cancellation, Rejection, Revision OR Alteration fees.
    Late payment fees (If you take half upfront, monthly payments or after completion)

    (Half upfront or full payments before completion is safer, especially if the commission is below $500)

    -Copyrights & licensing
    What rights or license does the client/commissioner have in using, reproducing and resell of the artwork.
    What rights does the artist reserve (this is simply for clarification, artist retain all copyrights and licensing, unless specifically transferred by the artist to the client(s) in a written agreement, contract or work for hire)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vae View Post
    Thank you!
    And yeah.
    It's really hard for me to be satisfied enough with art to go through with printing it.

    On the plus side, if you're not satisfied with the design later, you can replace it and not the entire bag, for a lot cheaper.
    It's [here], if you want to look into it.
    Ooh, I'll definitely look into it, thanks for the link!
    There's so much neat stuff on that site, too... I kind of want to get a T-shirt with one of my characters on it, hah.
    I also have a friend who might be interested in the customizable tights, might be useful for her cosplay stuff.

    This is a cool site, thanks for sharing!

    Now I have to make some art worthy of being printed... XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rilvor View Post
    I happen to agree with you, especially since I strongly suspect VR (Virtual Reality) displays will be coming in the near enough future. Along with that, if projects like Oculus Rift are actually successful we are going to see addiction take on another dimension. On the flip-side, sometimes one's family should be ignored...

    On a similar note, I strongly believe that shy children with weak social skills can benefit powerfully from online interaction building the confidence that is hard for them to find in more mundane interactions.

    This is unfortunately true as well. Just look at some of the delusional echo-chambers housed within Tumblr.

    That's a noble stance to take, and I applaud you for it.

    That being said I don't know...I turned out alright afterall.
    Regarding the Oculus Rift, I am rather concerned by the manner in which we grow more and more dependent to our tools and our toys, that we lock ourselves inside the worlds they convey, isolating ourselves from reality. Were the moment where our tools be suddenly taken from ourselves, and our deluded artificial worlds crumble ever come, reality and the subsequent revelation would be as something that dragged itself out from the Lovecraftian mythos.

    I am not sure that shy children can benefit by interacting on their internet, because the internet and reality offer distinctly different forms of interaction. Interaction on the internet is simple, it is catalyzed solely by the written world (most often, you also have microphone), memes, fandoms, smileys and so on. You also benefit from the condition of being anonymous, which grants you no consequences to the actions you perform.
    While interaction on the real life stands different. There are many other variables you ought to process: body language, tonality, facial expression, conjecture, circumstance, and above this all, you must formulate a reply in real time, always.
    Not to mention that there are consequences to the actions you perform, always, and they can be negative or positive.

    I think that interaction on the internet will only improve your socialization skills on the internet... Not in real life. (Exceptions arise always). The child might have confidence built, but once he walks back towards the real world and finds himself met by the wholly different manner in which interaction unfolds, that confidence may likely crumble. (Not always)

    I think it would be far more feasible to introduce the child to different real life communities. Kindergartens helps develop a child's social and interaction skills on a very early age. Public schools are very helpful, as having your child schooled at home will prevent him from building an entourage and a circle of friends early on in his life. (Though I am commenting from an European's perspective, I have met many from the US who claimed that Public Schools are problematic there... Is it true?)
    Different communities can build him, as a social person, and build confidence.

    This I am saying from personal experience. Historical Reenactment, and the association I am part of, and the interaction inside, greatly improved my level of confidence in real life, and it further taught me the value of loyalty and interaction.

    My childhood was very connected to the internet and the computer, mainly because I had a passion for its potential, programming, animation, modding etc. I turned out all right too but...
    ...In the end, I guess I am only concerned not to have my role as a parent stole by the PC. :c

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    Public schools are problematic because no one wants to take the time (or money) to improve it. Of course that's not all of them but too many times cuts are taken from the schools to "balance state budget". Still, i would rather a public school than homeschooling because i don't trust the vast majority of parents nowadays to parent, let alone teach.

    I think kids learn different things on the internet vs real life. The internet can show you that there are real jerkoffs and mind-numbngly stupid people. It can prepare you for that. However on the internet you can rip them a new one to vent and the worst you get is a ban or block. You can't ban or block in real life. Just punched in the face if you said something out of line.
    We all have our demons. If we're not fighting them, then we've befriended them.

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    Well I know concerning public schools that there's more money that goes to schools with higher scores etc. so schools in bad areas don't get as much funding. Not sure if thats changed or not since I was in school but it was a pretty big issue, and the reason why many Detroit kids went to private schools (which weren't really that much better.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malevolentmask View Post
    Well I know concerning public schools that there's more money that goes to schools with higher scores etc. so schools in bad areas don't get as much funding. Not sure if thats changed or not since I was in school but it was a pretty big issue, and the reason why many Detroit kids went to private schools (which weren't really that much better.)
    The biggest problem is that a lot of school funding comes from property taxes, so rich kids just naturally get better-funded public schools.

    edit: And that pizza was absolute ass. It may as well have actually been a vegetable, because I wouldn't eat it.
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