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Thanks for the professional reply Frank. Much better than Tiger who decided to take what was said personally and blame a customer for not being nice enough despite being upset becuase of one of his favorite artists was suspended from a website over arbitrary rating issues.

The fact is, reading through this thread, there was a lot of justification from staff and little to no "oh thanks for the feedback! We should really fix this." Seems like it began talking about animal balls instead of the issue at large: too many categories of rating. It's what leads to frustration when the staff doesn't acknowledge there's a problem.

Tl;dr thanks Frank =)
As much as I agree that the suspending of accounts over ratings that people simply don't understand is a huge issue, being hostile and passive aggressive isn't going to help anything. Rather than that, why not try to be helpful and offer suggestions and/or food for thought rather than going straight for major arteries.

If you attack and back people into a corner or immediately put them on the defensive, you are not going to get helpful or nice responses. It's simple really. I realize initial anger may make you say hostile things, but persistent and aggressive behavior beyond that is just not productive.

Something to keep in mind.