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    Your Garbage Rating System

    You have the most complex and arbitrary rating system of any furry site. It was rather hard for me to understand, and worse, much harder for artists who bring you traffic to understand:

    You just lost one extremely popular artist, Tsaiwolf, and I see more happening. If you meet confusion with suspensions that's going to drive people away. And honestly Weasyl, you all can't afford to do that when you're trailing behind not only FA, but Inkbunny and SoFurry too.

    Your rating system needs a rework from top to bottom. Here's a suggestion: use e621s rating system. Another suggestion? Don't suspend people for being confused about it.

    e621's rating system:
    Explicit: Nudity, genitalia, sex, etc
    Questionable: butts, aggressive cuddling, bulges
    General: none of the above.

    It's not hard guys.

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    I just read through to rating system and it's pretty clear to me save for a few parts. There are examples as to what constitutes what rating and it's even blatantly said "When in doubt please use a higher rating." I do think that the Mature/Explicit categories should be merged or the name of Explicit should be changed to Sexually explicit.

    Some parts of the guidelines need to be changed though. Like this part here: " Overt and/or blatant depictions of mature subjects may not be categorized under Moderate." What classifies as a mature subject? For example, would just the mention of or implication of abortion, rape, racism, etc mean that my work must be classified as mature? If that's the case, my Government class should only allow 18+ students to take it because we've touched on all the mentioned subjects and more.

    My suggestion for a change would be to have four categories that are a lot more neatly sorted and easier to grasp. Like these for instance: "General, 13+, 16+, 18+" General would be family-friendly stuff, 13+ is a little bit more bloody and profane. 16+ is a little sexual and has more allowance for profanity, violence and drugs. 18+ would be anything that would be illegal for minors to see. So, pornographic content and deep-web level gore would be here. This is just my idea of something that might work a bit better. The four-tiered rating system is fine, it's just a bit vague.
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    It's pointless though, unless it's done like Inkbunny which has five tiers but it's super clear. General, violence, nudity, sex, and extreme (fetish, snuff, etc).

    But why separate 16+ and 13+? Age of consent on the internet is 18+. It's not like 13 and 16 year olds can see more than someone who is 5. The law gives not. You're either 18 or over or you aren't.

    It's either for mature audiences or it isn't.

    Weasyl's ratings explanation: 767 words, two pages
    Inkbunny's ratings explanation: 47 words
    FurAffinity's ratings explanation: 55 words
    SoFurry's ratings explanation: 169 words

    This should tell you something
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