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    General Fursona RP? Other Character RP? SFW Babyfur RP?? (and friends for chit-chat)

    Alrighty, let's hope I don't get too many sideways glances and unspoken judgement for this ^^;

    I used to roleplay a bit in my early high school years just with close friends and haven't really invested in doing any since then, so I would still consider myself somewhat of a beginner but anyone who is interested in casual RP with me is welcome!

    I can do script or paragraph/formal style if wanted. I really only have one in depth character that can still be worked with for plot if anyone wanted to jump right into something in that sense (a half-kitsune, male, about 26, recently abandoned his wife and first-born and is travelling towards Canada to make peace with himself and the trauma of his twin sister's death) though I have a few other new characters that I would be interested in using and establishing, as well as my fursona! As for that character I just mentioned, I suppose what I used to do with him could've been considered a fantasy drama-romance slice of life type thing but that's just my guess ^^; So I would be comfortable doing light romantic themes with him, but I'm not interested in any other types of sexual or even suggestive RP with anyone else! I also have some wolf characters If anyone wanted to do pack-themed things... really though I'm open to pretty much all suggestions depending on what someone else is looking for!

    We can be strict and plan out plots, or just pick a setting and see where things go, make characters, though mostly I would like to find ways for our already existing characters to intermingle, and so on. Also, I'd be interested in doing some casual, safe, Babyfur RP with anyone who was interested as well ^.^ I have minimal experience doing even just casual babyfur RP because I don't have many other fur friends with the same interest even, so that goes along the lines with casual fursona RP for me as well if anyone was interested :3 as a littlefur I'd generally say I stick to a bit of a more independent role, somewhere between 4-8 I would guess, so someone to go on little adventures with would be fun! I would also be comfortable playing a caregiver on occassion, I have two characters that could work for that (a female kangaroo and a pastel male dragon).

    I use FurAffinity more often than Weasyl, so if anyone wants to contact me I'd like to do stuff through the notes on there. I'm also comfortable on Tumblr, either through textposts or the messaging system, Telegram, though I use my skype for personal stuff so I'd only be comfortable sharing it after I found out our styles got along well ^.^ If anyone has any other fun ideas they wanna toss my way go right ahead!
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    Hey, im around for the general rp and chit chat.

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    can i join your rp

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    Hi! I'm a newbie here, but I am a roleplayer of 4+ years. I can type paragraph upon paragraph or I can give you less than that. I don't mind having light romance as a side thing. I mainly play males, but I can genderbend characters if needed. Under no circumstance do I do smut nor fetishes, so it looks like we're in the same league here ^^. I'm unsure about the babyfur thing, but I'd be willing to try it out.



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