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    Greetings from yet another cat person

    Hello Weasylians and greetings from Israel. I'm just another guy who happens to like cats enough to look into anthropomorphics, and I just happened to be lurking around Weasyl for long enough to poke the forums too.
    I'm mostly looking for the older members of the furry fandom and I'm hoping to find many around here. I'm 25&1/2 years old with heavy interest in computers as well as electronic entertainment, mostly games and music.

    I'd describe myself as a little bit of a few things: a troll, a gamer, a realistic-thinker, and an atheist. The thing about having Asperger's Syndrome is that your personality will likely end up as some sort of a salad. I tend to criticize things a lot sometimes, but I try not to offend anybody and keep my mouth clean.
    On Weasyl I mostly just browse and favourite artistic content that stands out according to my preference, and when I find an artist I particularly like, I'll often throw a commission to help the artist get busy and engage in their hobby of drawing as well as supporting them with the money they need and getting something for me to use as well for developing my character, CRISS the criminal cyborg cheetah.

    On top of gaming I occasionally also stream my screen live to youtube just for fun and because I can. The name of my channel on youtube is the same as my profile name on DA and FA - The Chronicles Of CRISS. It's based on my OC which is inspired mostly by Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution and takes some inspiration from The Chronicles Of Riddick, with a small twist of my own on top.

    I appreciate honesty, thoughtful discussion, and criticism. I believe in the value of realistic views and truth. I do not appreciate false accusations of any kind. And I'm a playful person at times. So hit me with whatever you've got.

    And have a happy new year

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    Welcome to Weasyl Forums. For the most part, I lurk here too, but not today.



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