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Thread: Hi there!!^^

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    Hi there!!^^

    Hello, Everyone!

    It's been a while since I created my account on Weasyl, but was a little, shy to enter here hahahaha!!!
    I wanted to get used to the site first, you know? Welll.. doesn't matter...

    But here I am!!! Ermm I'm a digital/anime artist Coming from Deviantart! Hahaha... It seems lots of people ran away from dA after that Core Issue, right? So If you know me, from there... hello!!!

    Actually, I'm still there, But with all that issue, people started talking about other cmmunities and I've been testing some.. .. If you want to do this for a living you have to let people knw you, right?!

    So here I am!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to Weasyl Forums. I hope you find this community as welcoming at DA used to be.



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