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    Music Folks, Your Experiences on Weasyl?

    I am curious to know how all you Music Folks are doing on Weasyl.
    What do you like about being on Weasyl? What do you not like?
    Tell me about your experiences here.

    OH, and I'm also curious about the experiences of people Looking for music on Weasyl.
    Same Questions.
    My own experience: Non-Musician listening to music.
    I like how easy it is to click and listen to you guys' music. I keep my tab on "Multimedia".
    For the most part, music is indicated by a Play button that I can click to
    listen to right away. sweetness. Some of the music submissions aren't like that,
    though, so I probably missed a few pieces on the New feed because of that.
    I think those are the ones where one links their soundcloud? I'd like to see
    those have a play button so that they're more recognizable as music posts.

    I watch more musicians here than on FA for the reason of Convenience I guess. <-<
    I love randomly listening to what's new.

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    I would advise vocal artists who do song covers to stay away. The way the policy is being administered you have to essentially use a generic icon for all your posts, or they will claim that it violates their policy. You have to create your own backing track or sing a capella or they will also say it violates policy.

    Heck, they will say it violates policy even if you DO make your own backing track, if the track sounds too GOOD!

    And if they receive one complaint they go through your entire gallery and remove things willy nilly. They won't even tell who who it was that complained. It doesn't even have to be the copyright holder.

    Yeah, they give you a period of time to respond, but they won't tell you which items are being complained about. They expect you to go through ALL of your submissions, often hundred, to dumb them down to their standards.

    It's guilty until proven innocent, in other words. Not worth your while.
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    I don't really post my music directly to the site because I have soundcloud(which kind of is shit) and bandcamp(which rules) to do that. Never really felt like there was a big market for music here...?



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