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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Hello Everyone!

    Greetings! I'm Stephanie. I'm just getting started in the wonderful world of selling my artwork while improving my craft. Though I am not in the furry community, I hope to make friends with you all.

    I usually do cartoony illustrations in good old Indian ink and dip pen. I also work in Paint Tool SAI. I like drawing supernatural creatures and monster girls. I love nerd stuff like anime and video games (especially Undertale.) I'm also intrested in everything Victorian and Gothic.

    I plan to create comics with my various unusual OC's and generally make unique work. I also plan to open up commisions very soon once I start posting the art I've already created.
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    Welcome to the forums! We seem to have a lot in common! Please feel free to post around the forums. Good luck in selling commissions!
    No matter what happens, I will have always produced more visible work on my solo project than Ken Penders has on his in the last five years.

    I write and draw a manga. It's like a backwards comic. Give it shot, bro.

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    Welcome to Weasyl Forums. I hope this is another facet where you may expand your artistic craft.



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