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    Seeking a Couple's reference sheet


    My mate and I recently commissioned a couple's fursuit together. The suits were designed for us to wear together. They are of similar colors and species, but individually unique as well.

    Since our suits will only be worn together, I'm looking to get a reference sheet that includes both mine and my mate's new character.

    We only have the suits as current references, no concept art or anything.

    Sushi (female, but more androgynous)
    Sashimi (MALE)

    They're a mix of seahorse/octopus/fish. They will be both clothed in pirate-y type clothes.

    My budget for this would be about $150-$300. Looking for basic view of front/side profile. Close up details of tails and heads and expressions.

    Reply if interested!

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    Hello, Raineyangel81
    Something like this, I could probably get done for roughly $150-250, depending on how much you want done.
    $150 would be if you want a Front+Back (or Front+Side), 2 headshots per character, and accessories.
    The price raises for any extra poses, NSFW content, headshots, etc.
    $150 would be my base price, since it does involve two characters.

    I have examples, should you like to see them.
    Spook Reference
    NSFW (artistic) reference: Bast Reference

    I have others, if you wish to see them, including NSFW (sexual) references. Thank you for your consideration!
    If you need to contact me fast: is my e-mail
    Sinew is my Weasyl
    Stray is my Furaffinity
    Any of the above methods will guarantee you a response as fast as possible, as I am always near my e-mail, and check Weasyl/FA numerous times a day.

    Have a wonderful day!

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    Hi there! I'd be totally interested in drawing this for you.
    Usually my reference sheets include only one character, but I can assemble a bigger one to include both Sushi and Sashimi together for 80$ (the price for a notmal ref sheet is 40$, so it would be doubled for two).
    My reference sheets are general rated and digitally flatcoloured, and the price would include three fullbody views (per character), up to 8 bust shots for expressions, chibi front/back view for markings and a colour palette. My Weasyl gallery is dedicated to my ref sheet commissions, so you can check some examples here:
    I take payments via Paypal only and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval.
    If interested, you can contact me via FA note or even better via e-mail at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it ; I check my mail daily so I'm always reachable there.
    "I'll burn that bridge when I get to it." - A combination of "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it" and the old addage, "don't burn your bridges". Meaning that you haven't yet arrived at a life obstacle, but you're sure you'll mess it up when you do.

    Commission info/pricelist

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    Hello, I would love to work on this. I normally do single character sheets but I can combine them so they are together. I will need a couple more details as well, but we can work together to try to get the perfect ref for you two and work within your budget. My website:!commissions/c1p9k

    You can find ref sheets at the bottom and there are two anthro examples there. You can contact me through DA, FA, or email all found under Contacts there. Thank you for your time.

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    I am interested too. Here are some examples of my reference sheets:

    For digitally painted reference sheets like the first one I charge $35 USD per full-body view ($20 USD per close-up), and for cell-shaded reference sheets like the last three I charge $25 USD per full-body view ($15 USD per close-up).

    For example: a cell-shaded reference sheet with a front and back view and two close-ups would cost $80 USD. Please note me or e-mail me at sushychan (at) if you want to commission me.



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