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    So, 2016 continues. I turned 35, and I'm feeling my age (primarily in my neck, hands, knees, and ankles). I had a horrendous cold on my birthday, plus laryngitis. Thankfully, despite its severity, it was short lived. A credit to Emergen-C vitamin powder, I'm sure. I was pounding that down like nobody's biz. Let's see... been drawing a lot. Unfortunately, it's not very creative. Just photo referenced fan art from favorite tv shows and movies. I'm procrastinating on my graphic novel project, out of a combination of fear and laziness. Hmm... oh, I got a new beanie for my birthday, so that was neat. I love beanies. We're getting ready to build a house (as in literally, us building it), so this year is going to be outrageously busy. Oh, and my son's grades are improving, so that is exciting. He's been getting all A's and B's recently. Proud mom here. =)

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    this year start off pretty bad getting lie to again and yell at alot and having some weird bug me on facebook everyday he even wanted me to call his mom who I didn't know so that was weird , but I have made some new friends that's always good and I have been working hard on my art , and I'm slowly learning to not care about what other people think still not 100% yet but maybe someday so I guess 2016 wasn't so bad just wouldn't want to do it over again



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