...to spend some of his free time learning to draw better.

A little about me:
Aside for a sporadically updated blog, I maintain very little of an online presence; i.e., no twitter, tumblr, pinterest, facebook, or whatever has been or will next come about. I prefer to interact with people in person, face to face, regardless of their gnarly bad breath. By the way, want a tic-tac, or some spearmint gum?

About this sketchbook:
1) The sole purpose of this sketchbook thread is to chronicle my development, so please bear with the crappy drawings and nonsensical doodles that will develop. Want to see more, then let me know.
2) Postings here will be monthly before increasing in frequency as time and access to a scanner or digital camera on either the third Friday or Saturday of the month.
3) There will be random doodles, drawings of animals, people, places and things in various states, to include life drawings of nudes. The stuff I post will look bad for a while.
4) If a month passes without a post feel free to probe me for updates. A modest amount of pressure doesn't hurt to have sometimes.
5) I will eventually start a thread exclusively for critiques when I've built up a good amount of posts here and made drawing into a solid habit. I'll be sure to link to it here, so save yourself the time critiquing what I post until then.
6) I will include details regarding the time spent in minutes/hours, medium and tools used.

Promises to visitors:
1) While there will eventually be nudes here I currently have no plans to include renderings of sexual intercourse of any sort, but that may change. If it does and I have a large volume of NSFW sketches, I will start and link to an NSFW sketchbook thread. There's your heads up.
2) I will make no "bump" posts to keep this thread on top, but I do hope you share this thread with others so they can offer commentary of their own.
3) I will make tear sheets and/or thumbnails of sketches to save you folks on time and bandwidth when possible on image heavy postings.
4) I will share brief lists of art & media books that I have found interesting from time to time.
5) If this thread lasts longer than a year, be aware that images posted in past years might not be available for viewing later, so be ready for that.
6) Even should I develop sufficient skill to do so, unsolicited requests for freebies, trades, commissions, or work in general will be ignored. Should that ever change, I'll post in the appropriate boards.
7) You might discover that spending your own available time developing new and reliably solid skills, rather than casually wasting time trolling online, to be a good idea for you as well.
8) I absolutely refuse to feed trolls. Nasty creatures.

Happy new year. Thank you for your time in visiting this thread, it is very much appreciated.

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu