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    Mine stared at me while I was down the hallway. I was walking away and my sister was in the same room, but he stared at me with those cold, predatory eyes
    Cat: ):
    Me: ._. wut stripes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrysocyon View Post
    "Cat, your butt is right where my hand needs to be!"
    That is basically what I said to my cat. The dude lays right on my mouse pad. You either gotta drag his butt over the side or use him as a mouse pad. Though, based on experience, Cats make poor mouse pads.

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    "Fuck off, dude."

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    "Excuse me, loaf butt. You make a better door than a window, you know."

    - said to a purring cat who desperately needed to sit on my chest RIGHT NOW while I was drawing



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