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    Notification Error

    Hi, I have experienced this issue before but, when trying to remove notifications of new art artists I follow have uploaded, I am unable to remove them. I can check the little boxes but, the buttons do not work. I have tried this while on my laptop as well as my Samsung Tablet. If this is a Bug, I would like to report this. If it is another issue, then please let me know about it as well. Thank you and happy holidays by the way :3
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    Seeking a bit more info here...

    1. I assume you're talking about removing submission messages, at ?
    2. Whether or not you check any boxes on that page at all, clicking 'Remove Selected' should produce a popup dialog box. 'Are you sure you want to remove the selected submissions?' Does this happen?
    3. Does it happen only with some submissions but not all, or anything like that?

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    It does nothing, as in, I click on the buttons and no dialog box appears. However, it seems to work again. It keep doing this.



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