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    Howdy - New To Weasyl

    Hello all. I've been a member at Furaffinity for several years now but I'd like to start expanding onto other sites. I have a DA account as well but I haven't been too active over there in several years either.

    I'm an artist who works with several mediums. Most of it is digital art however I also dabble in several fields of traditional work. I enjoy drawing, carving antlers, painting feathers and I'm attempting to get into taxidermy. Prettymuch all of the art I do is either animal or videogame inspired.

    Aside from art, I'm a sportsman, a gamer and an amateur farmer. I used to play console games but I've been converted to almost exclusively PC gaming by my partner. Probably for the better, as I tend to enjoy indie games more than large name games nowadays. I have a bunch of pets, from roaches and tarantulas to geckos and cats, quails and chickens and turkeys and goats, all kinds of critters.

    I live in the Old Line State, Maryland, in the western mountainous portion. I'm a seasonal forester at the moment, though my BS is in Wildlife and Fisheries biology.

    Anyway, I'll probably move some of my stuff over from FA to this site in time. Or maybe I'll just use it for newer submissions, who knows! Either way, it's nice to see you all, new faces and old.

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    Wow, you sound so interesting! I hope you have a nice time here.



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