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    Heya, it's me! :)

    Hi Weasyl-Goers I'm here because that other furry forum shrivelled up and died.
    I hope that I see a lot of the guys from there, here too!
    Basically, if you haven't met me before, I'm Ash. I'm 17 and I live in the United Kingdom and I've been into Anthro stuff since I was around about.. eeeehhh, 12. The "Entropy" comes from the fact that I'm quite random and things usually descend into chaos if I'm hyperactive. c: This forum looks extremely promising and a lot of my buddies from the R.I.P Forums recommend Weasyl to me, so I hope you guys see this!
    I promise that I'll behave a bit better here than I did there No GIF overuse or the rest of it, hehe
    Oh, I forgot, my old username used to be "Biochemiphy", or something cringy like that c:
    pls forgive me
    I was 12 ;w;
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    It's good to see a former FAF member turn up here, whatever the cause and whatever the history. FAF's implosion really did a number on the perception I once had of the community being this bustling, constantly active metropolis. Now the whole fandom seems like a sleep ghost-town in comparison. It's surreal.

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    Hello! welcome to Weasyl!

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    Hello and welcome, I'm new too!



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