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    To prevent flooding of the front page.. (and about joining groups)

    Can we get an option to check to prevent an image(s) showing up on the front page?

    I always feel really, really bad when the front page is nothing but my art and usually I start with my oldest (but favorite) artworks that aren't too artistically advanced.

    Also, when will we be able to join groups? No idea if this has been answered yet, forgive me if it has been!

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    I have the same little twinge, but I think it's better to get that mass upload out of the way early before there's a huge number of people to be inconvenienced by it. I bet quite a few people will be doing the same thing, but it's bound to be cyclical depending on what time people are doing their uploads (I tend to do mine late at night so it compounds the flooding issue). That's just my take on it though!

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    The way I do it is I upload only a few pictures a day, and make sure to only upload one once one of my images gets bumped further down the line by others (about 5 to 10 images bumped down from most recent).

    It'd be quite a handy thing to add in I think, not sure how easy it'd be for Kihari, though I'm not sure if this would be a bad thing, since it means less possible exposure for the art you're just bringing over - I like seeing all the new art coming in. :3



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