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    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello and good day! I'm JayLeeBeanz, but feel free to call me Jay or Jay-Lynn.
    I live in western Germany, own a dog and two budgies, I love animals and nature, taking walks, reading, music, videogames, photography.. Oh, and chocolate. x)

    After celebrating my birthday yesterday, I thought it would now be time to finally become active on Weasyl. I got new pens and would love to doodle around with them and share the results on here soon.

    Even though I own quite some range of materials to draw and paint with, I am actually more of a digital artist. For practical reasons (oh thanks to the undo button, layers, not having to take photos of everything), which is a comfort zone I want to step out of. What I draw varies mostly on my mood, so it can range from plants and objects over animals and humans to fantasy creatures. What I like drawing most, however, is fan art, my own original and fan characters. Or those of others!

    This isn't my first art community that I joined. I already had an account on deviantart before but wasn't fond of the latest changes. That's another topic, though.
    I looked around for another community to post my art on, did my researches and asked a couple people. In the end I picked Weasyl and decided it would be the ideal place for me to stay at.

    I am glad to be part of this community and hope I can grow as an artist!

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    Hey, would you mind expanding on what it is about DA you don't like? I noticed a few other new members here mentioned DA and I'm just wondering what's going on there because I started posting again there recently. The only change I notice is it's seemingly impossible for me to get views now. I feel like I'd pretty much have to buy popularity there or become some kind of social-networking whore.

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    I do know a bunch of people complaining that getting attention on dA might not be easy, as the website simply is too large to be noticed on spot. But after joining a dozen (or more) groups and submitting enough interesting art to them, this should stop being a problem after some while from my experience. Depends on how many views you want, of course. Being active in too many social networks and keeping them all up-to-date would be too much work for me. But it could be the perfect solution to someone else!
    When it comes to getting more views, that's what made me pick Weasyl over Wysp, I heard it would be easier on here.

    What bugged me on deviantart, however, is the staff not moderating the submissions anymore, to keep it short. They don't really seem to care as much as they used to, a couple years ago. While I fell in love with the community guidelines and the code of conduct when I found Weasyl, on the other hand.

    But I haven't been on here enough to see how this community is, I'm just so curious. =)

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    Part of the problem for some is they don't want to be social-networking whores on an art site. They're idealists. They want their art to be recognized on its own merits. It doesn't help that some of us feel like we have to outright avoid the social-network elements to art sites just because some assholes accuse you of "playing the system" or "riding the coattails" of other users if you so much as thank them for a watch or fav, like no one ever does that sincerely, only as a cynical attempt to attract more attention from the one bit of attention they just got. I'm starting to turn against this line of thinking, personally, just because of past experience, especially with DA. I've had fan art get +fav'd out the ass, get added to groups and all that, and hardly any of it garnered watchers or even views for my other stuff. If all it took for people to get popular was to have a link to their page clicked most wouldn't have to try so damn hard in the first place. But if you luck out, you luck out and fuck anyone who hates on that.

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    Hi Jay and welcome to the forums! :3

    Look foreword to seeing your art. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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