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    Yub Nub!

    Hi there! I'm not sure how to really introduce myself here, I guess I'll just start with talking about myself.

    You can call me Cree for short, that's the name of my Ewok fan character from the Star Wars universe. I don't consider myself a furry but I enjoy fursuiting and creature costuming. I admit I have never fursuited before I'm looking to do it eventually. I have plans to create a fursuit of my aforementioned ewok character, but I haven't had the time or the money to devote in it yet. I think it's really cool how people can make a character and almost put them into real life through a costume. I am looking to commission a fursuit too someday, but I want to personally make Cree.

    Some of my other interests revolve around pop culture, toy collecting, drawing and animation. I'm always up for meeting new people or to start a converastion, so say hi whenever you like on my weasyl account! I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

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    Hi Cree!

    Welcome to the forums.
    As a star wars fan you excited for the new movie ?

    What toys do you collect ? I collect a little amount of toys here and there mostly from the few games that I really really enjoy such as Halo & Mass Effect along with a few orca and red panda figurines. Maybe Warhammer 40,000 miniatures if they count

    I hope you enjoy you're stay here as well as bringing Cree to life one day.

    See you around :3
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    Hello Rokusho!

    I am very excited for the new movie. I've been trying to avoid all information outside of the trailers so it won't be spoiled, so I don't have much to say! I think the trailers have been fantastic though, especially the one released for Japanese audiences.

    I mostly collect robot related toys. I'm a big fan of transformers, they currently dominate my 'robot' collection. I'm looking to expand a little bit and maybe buy some more vintage robot goodies, like those old wind-up robots from the 50s and 60s. I'd also like to eventually purchase some 80's and 70's robots but probably not Omnibot, he's way too expensive currently. Your collection sounds pretty interesting! Are the Warhammer miniatures from blind bags or something similar? That's what comes to mind when I hear the word "miniatures", but that probably shows what toy franchises I follow. Everyone is making those blind bags!

    I'll be sure to post images of the work in progress while building her. Thanks and see you around, too!

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    I haven't followed it to closely star wars but from what I've heard it looks pretty awesome and there is much hype! Which isn't surprising being star wars haha! Japan got a different trailer? I have yet to see that one.

    Nice! Transformers are pretty awesome,I enjoyed the movies. Did you see them from Micheal Bay ? That's really neat having vintage from those times. Interesting to see how toys have changed over the years. That's the thing with older/rare collectibles they can come with a crazy price tag lol.

    Warhammer miniatures are from a table top game by Games workshop. They are small models that you cut,glue and paint. I've only played the tabletop once it was fun but I mostly just collect and paint them and play a few of their video games. Down side is they can be a little pricey for what they are. Then again it's sorta like any hobby these days.

    They have a robot faction called "necrons". Sort of terminator/skeleton looking robots.

    That would be great,I'd love to see the progress. Can be a fun and rewarding experience building a fursuit/costume.
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    For whatever reason, the Japanese trailer had more new footage than the English one. I'd recommend checking it out.

    I've only seen the first Micheal Bay film. I'm more of a fan of the cartoons and the original 80's line, but I would like to eventually watch the rest of the Bay movies. Honestly I haven't even watched all of the cartoons yet. I pretty much just pick up toys of the characters I like or I think look cool. I'm a casual collector/fan of the franchise at best. The only vintage toy I have is of Wheelie, who is the most hated Transformer of them all. I actually kind of like the character and I think his toy is simple but fun... One man's junk is another man's treasure, I suppose.

    Yeah, that's the big problem with collecting vintage toys: You have to be rich or at least have some free cash. It's kind of funny how something was once 10 to 30 dollars at most and then a few years pass, they suddenly become over a hundred or more if complete. I follow a lot of collectors on social media and I'm always wondering how they get extra money for some truly rare items. I guess they're just patient.

    I thought Warhammer was an online game, my bad! Now that I think about it, I think I have seen those figurines before. I remember them being expensive but cool, if they were cheaper I probably would've picked up one of the robots or necrons. A skeleton combined with a robot sounds like the definition of "rad". Just curious, are there any other model kits you're into? Barnes & Noble usually has a pretty good selection of Gundam related kits. They're also cheaper than the Warhammer ones!

    I admit this is my first time ever building a fursuit, but I've read and watched enough tutorials where I'm become somewhat confident. There's still somethings I'm not sure how to do (like applying a zipper in the body suit). It will be a fun learning experience though and hey, maybe I can make a business out of it!

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    I bet theres a lot of Transformer movies, you probably got alot to go through haha. That's what I do also with my collections, favorite characters and franchises.

    I assume he's a Decepticon ? What sort of vehicle is he ?

    Yeah. Would be a nice surprise if you had a toy from when you were younger in good condition and to find out it's worth hundreds lol. They could of saved up over time or perhaps even sell or trade with others for their collectibles maybe.

    I don't think you're wrong about Warhammer being online. They have had many and continue to make many warhammer games. Eternal Crusade is one of the most recent. Not yet officially released but is in the alpha stages.Dawn of War is another popular WH game. DOW: Dark Crusade has the Necrons. Yeah it's a shame about the price. You could maybe pick up one of the single necron models they can range from 10 -25 bucks which is still pretty pricey I guess for what it is.

    Currently it is only Warhammer that I collect here and there. Was interested in some of the "Infinity" miniatures as I heard they were a cheaper alternative to Warhammers but they're still kinda pricey. No I don't really collect any other model kits. I've seen some of those, the Gundams are pretty awesome looking.

    It can be fun and it's not to daunting as it may seem. I've made a partial of my Orca fursona some years ago with the help of my husband and it wasn't to bad. It was some time ago but if I can help in any way (which may not be much) I will do what I can.

    Maybe this can help with the zipper.

    Yeah and like anything we all gotta start somewhere

    It'll look something like these once it's
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