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    (I'm seriously rubbish at titles XD)

    Hi, i'm Crystal-WolfDarkness (or just Crystal to most), i'm a Uk fur who mainly draws anthro and some feral art (mostly sfw at the moment). I'm definitely not new to art just newer to this site (although i've been a member for a while now i've only just signed up to the forum) I haven't got many followers yet so i would greatly appreciate you taking a look at my art ^^
    Once i've finished the few pieces i'm working on at the moment i'll probably be looking for people to do art trades with so i'm sure i'll post something about that at a later date.
    If you've even read this then thank you ^^

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    You're quite welcome, hee hee. Welcome to the forums. I hope you have a nice time here!

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    Welcome Crystal to the forums!

    Ooooo trades. I may be up for some trades in the future.

    I hope you enjoy you're stay.
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