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    hello everyone! my name is ENOJI Kengura and I am quite a new member to weasyl forums, but not to the main part of the site. anyway, my fursona is an aakor, or wolf with wings. its part of greek mythology x3. I am a quite loud and cuddly and huggable person, and i love doing rps as well! i am a DJ/Music Producer in the making and i hope to be able to make it big some day! Expect me to say hai randomly to you cause i do that sometimes x3 haha! I have read all the rules for this forum and i will try my best to abide by them.
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    Hello, Enoji! You have quite the unique fursona! I hope you have a nice time on the forums!

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    Hello Enoji!

    Wolf with wings ? This may sound like a silly question but sort of wings. Angel or dragon sort of wings? I find wolves with wings pretty cool looking

    Enjoy you're stay and all the best to you with your goal becoming a DJ/Music Producer.

    Edit: Saw your fursona, my question has been answered. Looks really cool!
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    x3 thank you very much! i appreciate it! and thanks again for the fursona comment x3

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    x3 thank you, and wish me luck if i ever get that kinda job ^^



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